Three More Dungeon Crawl Classics Adventure Paths

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Ready for another DCC campaign? Try linking these modules to create your next adventure!

There are plenty of great published modules that I wasn’t able to include in the main line of my first set of Adventure Paths, so I’ve put together a few more to give you some ideas on how to link things together.

These aren’t going to take you from zero to 6th level, but will be a fun set of adventures from which you can either blend into the OG path once they get high enough level, or get you started to take it from there with your own writing.

Many campaigns only end up lasting 6–10 sessions, and these are a perfect length for that. You can run one of these, and then have everyone draw new Level Zeroes and try another Adventure Path!

I ran one campaign where we had three separate sets of characters at different levels, and alternated between their storylines like epic fantasy books do. They would cross paths, and swap characters between groups. Good stuff.

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More DCC Adventure Path Tips

#1 Print the map and have it next to you while reading the module: This is such a big tip that I can’t believe I didn’t include it in the first article. I was often quite confused while reading through DCC modules, as putting the context of everything was tricky as I flipped back and forth between the text and the map.

Since all Goodman Games printed modules include access to the PDF version, you can print out the map separately, and have it lying next to the module as you read. You can also make notes right on the map. This made a massive difference in how quickly and completely I was able to absorb a module!

You can also clip the map to the inside of your Judge screen for use while you play!

#2 Print out the death and dying rules: The number one question that comes up in the heat of the moment is the death and dying rules. Print out those pages of the rulebook (you have access to the PDF even if you bought the paper copy), and cut out the relevant sections. Have those ready to hand out to folks who get knocked down. Very much de-escalates the situation!

#3 Start new PCs at the same level as everyone else: You may see advice on this in various places, but the game will always be more fun if everyone is the same level. If someone loses a PC, or someone new joins, have them join as the same level as everyone else. Since these Adventure Paths don’t track XP (and just have you level after every adventure, or every other adventure if you really want more than one per level), there is no reason to be picky about it.

More Adventure Paths

Path #6: The JG: This is the “all Joseph Goodman” path, and concludes with the PCs getting their own land grants from Duke Magnussen.

Path #7: The Horror: This path links DCC Horror adventures into a fantasy horror campaign.

Path #8: Moons and Planets: This path has a Flash Gordon-like celestial feel.

I hope these inspire you to run your own mini-campaign!



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